A National Picture of First Nations Cancer: An Update

A National Picture of First Nations Cancer: An Update

We've had an amazing experience working with the Mohawk peoples of Akwesasne over the last 9 months. The community has been passionate and motivated to raise awareness of the impact of cancer in their community. We began working down there in January, running sharing sessions, sitting down to individual interviews, and gathering peoples' photos and journals. We have a few tasks to finish before moving into the next phase: analyzing, summarizing, and delivering the knowledge we've acquired back to the community. We look forward to taking these next steps with the peoples of Akwesasne. Nia:wen!


The National Picture project is funded by a Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute - Quality of Life Grant in memory of Edna Goebel. 

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OT Students Complete Lymphedema Photovoice Project

Three Occupational Therapy students (Jessica BĂ©langer, Krista Charland, and Michelle Seperich) at the University of Ottawa have successfully completed a photovoice study of cancer survivors' experiences with lymphedema.  One of the goals of the project was to explore the impact of secondary lymphedema through the use of photography and interviews (photovoice).

Participants showed that a lack of awareness of lymphedema had a negative impact on self-care and treatment.  Other concerns were related to identity and feeling cautious about physical activity.  Participants also spoke of physical activity as a way to build positive connections with others.

More details about this research will be shared at the upcoming Canadian Lymphedema Framework/Lymphedema Association of Ontario Conference in Toronto, October 2013.

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