ARCH Lunch and Learn

ARCH LLWe recently had our second ARCH (Art, Research, Creativity, & Health) Group Lunch and Learn. 

Attendees had the chance to explore the use of writing to enhance wellbeing using the Amherst Writers and Artists approach. 

For full slides see below!


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Presenting results from Storytelling and Health Conference

I presented results from our National Picture project in Wales titled "Storytelling for improving health and healthcare for First Nations peoples in Canada". The poster explored the impact of using photovoice on understanding indigenous peoples' experience with cancer. 

Wales poster

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Presenting Results at CAPO

This month, we presented results from our National Picture Project at the Canadian Association for Psychosocial Oncology conference in Vancouver.  Our poster titled " A national picutre - First Nations & Metis women with cancer reflect o the healing benefits of art" explores the impact of art on wellbeing in women with cancer. 


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