Student "Reviews"

Selected students' comments from course evaluations:

Roanne was accessible and available, but at the same time allowed for discussion to continue without being intrusive. She had an amazing ability to pull together many and varied comments in a succinct way that captured the essence of our discussions. A very supportive and encouraging facilitator that made for a wonderful experience. (online workshop)
Without this class (the qualitative aspect) and this instructor (Roanne) I would have abandoned this degree after Term 1. This portion of the course captured my desire to become a sociologist and has given me a window through which my skills will develop.
Best class I've had all year. It was interesting, informative, and Roanne is a wonderful prof. It was the first time I've really felt I learned things I can apply practically.
Roanne is great communicator and is a very engaging, sincere, open person. I enjoyed her class very much. Great work!
Very informative and interesting class. You came out knowing, I mean really knowing, what qualitative research is. And knowing a lot more about yourself and what you want to do with your life/career.

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